I don’t know what should I say, but I hope and I can feel that the Lord has calls me to be the teacher of His word. I know because He makes me learn His words deep, most importantly He offers me a course on ‘PT-512: Teaching Technique’. I know teaching is hard. I do know I am call to do it even if it’s hard. Therefore, I endorsed it as the Lord’s call for my life. I hope working for teacher, not just teacher but the teacher of the Lord gonna be best for my life. I hope I would gain experience constantly when I’ll teach on the words of God. As someone said, ‘teaching is learning’.

Knowing my call as a teacher I must work hard. Spend time in studying and preparing what I’m gonna teach. I should master my syllabus, which is the Bible. I should be prepared always, as Paul instructed Timothy to prepare in season and out of season. Because I can see some of my professor who taught me came sometime without preparing. This make me bored in class and obviously I learn nothing in such classes. Therefore I must not repeat such things when I’ll teach.

My call as a teacher should be in the will of the one who calls me. Sacrifice for the service of teaching His word should be my passion. I believe I will enjoy teaching, teaching the Words of God and changing the lives of others gonna intrigue me. Jesus, the one who call me for teacher, is also my role model of teachers, a perfect teacher who even lay down his life. Who used every means to give the insight to his disciples, the only teacher who washes his students’ feet!

Since I am call for teacher, I must set my goals clear. I will love my students whom I am going to teach and open to them always. I think I need to be creative, active, and enthusiastic and have sense of humor. I must built relationship with the people whom I am going to teach. My goal should be not only verbal teaching but also through my lives.



This paper ‘My call as a Teacher’ was in partial fulfillment of the course on PT-512: Teaching Technique. It was submitted to Prof. Joy John, Academic Dean ACA/ETS, Hosur, India, on November 2014.


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